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Welcome to the

Moxie Stride Podcast

The round-table style entrepreneur podcast where all are welcome to pull up a seat to engage in real, candid and vulnerable conversations about what it really means to chase your dreams in the face of adversity. 

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This podcast was birthed out of a deep desire to connect with other ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs who also just so happen to be parents. And not just that... but parents of children with special needs. There's room for everyone here but if you identify with that then you, my friend, are going to love this!

We'll talk about the hardships, shifts in responsibility and identity, also the mindset and courage it takes to continue to follow your dreams even when being a full or part time caretaker seems to consume every waking hour.

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A self-proclaimed free-spirited millennial turned serial entrepreneur and single mama of two, one of whom has special needs.

Most days you'll find me typing away on my MacBook running my creative business, Wild Edge Studio with a favorite snack and drink nearby. If I'm not there, I'm traveling or just hanging with my kiddos and enjoying every minute of it.

Hey friend! I'm Chrystien.

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brand conversion strategist • designer • photographer

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